Has the Lariat Loop Gone to the Dogs?

Cute DogThere’s no reason to leave your best friend at home this summer as you travel along the Lariat Loop, in fact, you’ll want to make sure your furry companion joins the adventure as several canine attractions have been added to the Lariat Loop in recent years. No, it’s not the bones at Dinosaur Ridge, but rather recreational areas for dogs and their human companions.

During your travels along the Loop you can visit dog parks in western Lakewood, Golden, Evergreen and Conifer. Most are just a bark’s distance from the actual route.

The Elk Meadow Dog Park, located at 3291 Stagecoach Blvd in Evergreen has two separate off leash parks. One is dominated by trails, trees, boulders and steep inclines and is the larger of the two. The second one has more cleared open space and is geared for socialization. This award winning park is unique in its setting, and owners can leave the enclosed areas with dogs on lease and hike along side Troublesome Creek.

dogs on creekForsberg Dog Park is located just east of the new Soltera development at 14800 West Alameda Parkway in Lakewood. Note that it can be very popular (i.e. busy) at times. It provides users with sweeping views of the Hogback to the west and the foothills of the Rockies from the historic Rooney Ranch/Dinosaur Ridge area to the peaks near Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. There are actually 2 park areas, one facing south and one facing the east. The eastern park has an obstacle course for training furry friends. This dog park is adjacent to the Green Mountain Open Space Park and the trail system in Forsberg Park.

Golden boasts two dog parks – Homer’s Run and Tony Grampsas Dog Park. Grampsas Park in located at 4471 Salvia Street in south Golden. It is located to the north of the athletic facilities and picnic areas. It has deciduous tree cover and water elements in summer with a ditch running through it. Make sure to bring a towel and look for the secret place to wash your dog off with the hose. This park has more shade than most.

Homer’s Run is part of the Ulysses Sports Complex at 17651 10th Avenue. It has a three-foot fence and is well suited for smaller dogs. It is exposed to the sun so be sure to bring water for your pet. You can watch some of the future Rockies, Buffaloes, and Broncos developing their skills at the complex while coming to or leaving the dog park.

Your furry friends are also sure to love the scenery along the Loop. Please always remember to drive safe and clean up after your pet. Help us make sure the Lariat Loop remains scenic and inviting to all visitors. Pets should be licensed and have their rabies shots and always be under control to protect our other animal friends and avian life.


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