How to Plan Your Trip

Planning a trip to the Lariat Loop in Jefferson County Colorado just got a whole lot easier. Our handy trip planner tool lets you add the places you want to go. The instructions go here
  1. Find a Lariat Loop destination that you would like to visit.
  2. Click through to the destination page (for example, to The Fort Restaurant page).
  3. On the left, click the box that says “Add <destination> to Your Trip”.
  4. Read through the information and look at any pictures about that location and then notice the three links at the bottom.
  5. Click More Destinations to go to the “Things to See and Do” page, or click “More Destinations Near Here” to see what else is available in that community or click “More Destinations Like This” to see other similar destinations.
  6. As you add locations, use the buttons on the
  7. Once you have all the destinations you want to see, click the “Get Directions” button on the left.
  8. If you haven’t added a place of lodging to your trip you can do so now if you want.
  9. Start either from your first destination or enter your starting address.
  10. Get your directions and Print them out.

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