Half Day #2

  1. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
  2. Humphrey History Park and Museum
  3. Hiwan Museum
  4. Evergreen Park and Recreation District

Start With This Trip

Begin your trip with one of nature’s wonders (and one of the premier concert venues not just in Colorado but in the world!). Red Rocks Amphitheatre could easily be a full day trip in itself. Take some time to walk up and down the stairs, test the awesome acoustics and enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning views.

Now jump off the Loop at the Humphrey History Park and Museum and see where history comes out to play. The 35 acre Ranch has something for everyone with tours of the Humphrey\'s unique home and hands-on activity stations scattered throughout the Ranch that allows visitors to step back in time. Visit with the goats, chickens and ranch cats, play croquet, horseshoes, hike, chop some wood, or just swing on an old fashioned rope swing.

Then journey on to Evergreen’s historic Hiwan Homestead Museum where you’ll see how people lived in turn-of-the-century (1890’s – 1930’s) Colorado. This log cabin (much more than a small cabin though) provides a glimpse of how early settlers escaped the Denver heat in this cozy mountain retreat.

Time to venture back outdoors in Evergreen at the Evergreen Lake House and Park. Take some time to walk by the cool waters of Evergreen lake. Enjoy nature in a beautiful mountain setting. Stop. Breathe. Enjoy the serenity. And don’t let the cold deter you. Instead, strap on your skates and slide across the lake.