Full Day #1

  1. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
  2. Dinosaur Ridge
  3. Miller Coors Brewery Tours
  4. Lookout Mountain Nature Center
  5. Hiwan Museum
  6. Humphrey History Park and Museum

Start With This Trip

Begin your trip with one of nature’s wonders (and one of the premier concert venues not just in Colorado but in the world!). Red Rocks Amphitheatre could easily be a full day trip in itself. Take some time to walk up and down the stairs, test the awesome acoustics and enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning views.
Then go up and over the hogback on Dinosaur Ridge as you travel back in time. On the north face, stop to see the best set of dinosaur tracks around. Stop in the Visitor Center to learn more about this record of ancient creatures.

After a couple of outdoor activities, it’s time for a refreshing indoor tour of the world’s largest single site brewery at Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. Learn more about Adolf Coors and family as they built one of America’s favorite brands. See how the beer is made and stop for awhile at the end for a couple of the freshest beers you’ll ever try.

Now it’s up to the top of Lookout Mountain. Pull over a couple of places along the way to view the plains spreading off to the east. Make sure one of your stops is Windy Saddle where you can see the plains to the east and the towering Rockies to the west. Then continue on up to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the area and enjoy some really spectacular views.

Continue your journey on to Evergreen’s historic Hiwan Homestead Museum where you’ll see how people lived in turn-of-the-century (1890’s – 1930’s) Colorado. This log cabin (much more than a small cabin though) provides a glimpse of how early settlers escaped the Denver heat in this cozy mountain retreat.

Then, journey on to the Humphrey History Park and Museum and visit the home of the mountains first commuter on the Lariat Trail. The Humphrey\'s home, Kinnikinnick Ranch, is a stunning National Register 35 acre ranch. Take a tour of the house and meander around the Ranch at your leisure. Visit with the goats, chickens and ranch cats, take a hay ride, play croquet, hike the historic Jim and Joe Trail, shop in the antique store, visit the art gallery, have a picnic or a private tea. But what ever you choose, it will be a place to remember.

After a full day of travel, be sure to check out one of our area lodging options.