Full Day #2

  1. Colorado Railroad Museum
  2. Miller Coors Brewery Tours
  3. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  4. Evergreen Downtown Business Association
  5. Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce

Start With This Trip

Start your trip just outside of Golden at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Travel back in time on the Galloping Goose (runs every Saturday), tour the museum, see restorations in progress, check out the model trains from the basement of the museum to the larger ones in the track outside. This hands on museum lets you climb in and see all the full size trains from yesteryear.

Now, it’s time for a refreshing indoor tour of the world’s largest single site brewery at Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. Learn more about Adolf Coors and family as they built one of America’s favorite brands. See how the beer is made and stop for a while at the end for a couple of the freshest beers you’ll ever try.
After a couple of glimpses back in time, take a look at the present and future at the National Renewable Energy Lab. The NREL Visitors Center is located just off of I-70 and is a great experience to see what innovations are happening with sun, wind, biomass, and other sources of renewable energy.

Time to venture back outdoors in Evergreen at the Evergreen Lake House and Park. Take some time to walk by the cool waters of Evergreen lake. Enjoy nature in a beautiful mountain setting. Stop. Breathe. Enjoy the serenity. And don’t let the cold deter you. Instead, strap on your skates and slide across the lake.

After that, slip into downtown Evergreen, Your Mountain Destination. Whether its food or shopping (or both) that you’ve got on your mind, you’ll find delicious and attractive answers in Evergreen. Take some time to wander through the shops as you’ll find one of a kind items in Evergreen that simply aren’t available elsewhere.

After a full day of travel, be sure to check out one of our area lodging options.